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We know what a difference a balanced diet can make to your child. We provide a perfectly balanced menu, which will give your child the best possible chance to thrive and flourish.

We prepare milk bottles for the children in the Bunnies room at Les Trois Oursons (Paddington).

For the older children we will prepare meals with starters, a main course, a cheese of the day and fruit.

We asked one of the country’s leading children’s nutritionists to come to visit us, to help us in developing our nutrition policy.

Feel free to ask us about it when you come to visit!

We try to cook and prepare everything from scratch in our own kitchen. This ensures we know exactly what is in the food, and helps us make sure any allergies are avoided.

It also makes a big difference in helping us achieve balanced meals that comply with the Caroline Walker Trust Guidelines (these are the “Gold Standard” when it comes to young children’s nutrition.)

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We also are increasingly using seasonally available fruit and vegetables.

These tend to be available from local sources, so are fresher, tastier and travel less – all making our menu more nutritional and helping us to do our bit for sustainability too.

We try to introduce a wide-variety of ingredients and flavours to the children at school, so that they can grow up being healthy and feeling positive about trying new foods.