Montessori Accredited – again!

Congratulations Mars! We are proud to say Mars Montessori was awarded a Montessori Accreditation for the second time this summer. Well done to all the team. But what is “Montessori”? Mars Montessori and Les Trois Oursons – both part of Bilingual Nurseries – are very attached to the Montessori philosophy. At the very beginning of […]

Our Food journey

Lunches We have a long history of constantly improving our menus. In 2008 we completely changed our menus at Mars Montessori, replacing the standard nursery food of “Turkey Twizzlers” and “Heinz Spaghetti Hoops” with freshly made home-made food. We also introduced the serving of multiple courses. We found previously fussy eaters were less anxious at […]

How to win over fussy eaters

From parents struggling with fussy eaters, to a growing childhood obesity crisis throughout the developed world, Philippe Fraser, director of two French Bilingual Nurseries in Islington & Paddington has some deceptively simply suggestions for parents. It is well documented that some children will latch on to favourite foods, causing significant problems for their parents as […]

A French “Pause” for all occasions

From the moment a new baby is born, parents do everything they can to protect and help their children. A new-born is fragile, precious and needs to be looked after. However, there comes a time when the instinct to jump in and fix everything actually slows a child’s progress. There are two main areas where […]