Simple Exercise Tips for Busy Parents


As a parent it is often difficult to find the time to exercise. When you’re already busy balancing a hectic daily routine around the kids, getting active can be the last thing on your mind. Don’t panic! We’ve come up with some top exercise tips to help you integrate a worthwhile routine that fits around your family. If regularly put into practice, these 8 tips will get you in shape, without quality time with the family taking a back seat. It’s a win-win!

You Are Never Too Old to Play

Some of the best workout buddies around are staring you right in the face… Your children! After all, kids seem to have an almost limitless supply of energy, and a great way of exhausting some of it is to get them active. Why not join in with play time? You’d be surprised at how tiring it can be, and your kids will love nothing more than having a run-around with mum or dad after they get home from school.

According to Harvard Health, a 185lbs (84kg) adult burns roughly 178 calories during moderate level activity with their kids, rising to 222 calories when playtime turns more vigorous. Not only is this going to benefit your health, but it also rewards you come bedtime, by which point your kids will be pooped.

Don’t underestimate the power of WALKING

Studies have shown that doing 10 thousand steps burn on average up to 500 calories. This is definitely something that we do not do enough as our lifestyles are becoming more and more sedentary. Taking the stairs instead of the lift or leaving the bus one or two stops before, will help you increase your activity level. Also having a short (or long if you can) walk with or without your family on daily basis is definitely something that you could do to be more active every day of the week.

Find a Workout Buddy

One of the simplest ways of getting into an exercise routine is to find a workout buddy. This doesn’t necessarily mean someone to get active with, but rather someone to help facilitate your training.  They can look after the kids for an hour while you go for a run or hit the gym. You do the same in return and suddenly you’ve got a reliable workout buddy! Your kids get more regular playdates to work on their social skills, while you get a like-minded training partner to help support and motivate you towards your fitness goals. Introducing training targets is a great way to monitor progress and create some healthy competition.

Go to the park

North London is one of the best area for parks: Highbury corner, Shoreditch park, Islington green, Haggerston park, Tufnell park etc… whether you want to go play football with your kids on the weekend or go for a workout once you’ve dropped them to the nursery this is definitely a tool that you can use to be time efficient and change your fitness routine.

Family Fitness

Getting your whole family involved is a great way of motivating yourself to be more active. One of the most effective ways of spiking family interest is to turn exercise into a fun game. Why not put a chart in the kitchen showing who in the family is leading the way, and who is lagging behind when it comes to the week’s planned exercise? Introducing forfeits for failing to reach your quota of activity should be all the motivation you need to set a great example for the kids!


Having a family has most likely brought an end to regular Saturday nights on the town. You might (or might not!) miss the drinking and socialising; but have you spared a thought for the weekly hit of high energy dancing you’re not getting any more? Cutting shapes is a great way of keeping fit and there’s no reason to stop just because you’re not painting the town red every weekend! Dance whenever and wherever you can. I’d suggest avoiding it in the local supermarket unless you enjoy getting some strange looks though. Why not make it a social activity? Invite friends over to watch the latest Mamma Mia movie and you could all be up dancing before the credits role! Or if you want to take it a step further, you could even start a regular Zumba night at your house with a few friends and the kids.

Extracurricular Activities

Another simple way of finding a little more time to yourself is to enroll your kids in plenty of extracurricular activities. Whether it is music, sport, or arts and crafts, you can be happy in the knowledge that they are learning and enjoying themselves in a safe environment while you dedicate some time to getting back in shape.  A couple of days a week where you can spend an hour or so focusing on your own health and fitness needs won’t only benefit you, but it will benefit the family as a whole.

Find a Flexible Local Personal Trainer that comes to you

Finding a local, credible personal trainer will definitely help you make the most of the time that you have to train.

They will not only help you with creating and committing to your fitness goals but also have the expertise to help do so in a realistic and manageable way. One of our existing team members uses a PT from  Life Square Fitness – Lucas is a great bilingual / French  option if you are looking for a personal trainer in North London,  operating in Islington, Hackney, Shoreditch, Haggerston, Tufnell Park or Paddington.


Hopefully we have helped you see that a worthwhile exercise routine doesn’t have to interfere with your family life. All parents have busy schedules, it’s part and parcel of the job. It’s understandable that the majority put exercise on the backburner as a result. These simple exercise tips are here to help gradually return you to an active lifestyle. Give them a try, not only will they make you healthier and fitter, but they could help influence the rest of your family to do the same.

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